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Who Are We?

Hello All, Thank you for visiting home of the Thank You 30 podcast. This is a brand new podcast focusing on the Southern California theatre community. We are located in Ventura/Los Angeles County and hope to shine a light on the live theatre community out here. We have so many great venues, awesome talent, famous alumni and stars to be.

We are still in the beginning stages of this exciting adventure, and hope to have at least 1 podcast a month (maybe 2) showcasing the performances that are upcoming, already open, or asking for auditions. Tune in and we'll tell you what to go see, what to try out for, and what you missed.

Your hosts for this adventure will be Mr. Dave Hatfield and myself, Adam Womack, not to mention LOTS of special guests. I have long been a fan of theatre, and more recently podcasts. But, other than one notable exception, I have not been able to find a podcast about theatre that speak to me. So I decided to make one, and make one focused on the awesome gathering of talent you can only find here in Southern California.

Our first episode is being recorded this week and submitted for approval at the iTunes store to be added to their ever growing list of podcasts. Once there you can find us on iTunes, soundcloud, or various podcast apps (my personal favorite is Podcast Addict.) Check the website for more information, like us on facebook, and if you wish to be a part of this in any way (perhaps you work for a theatre out here and would like us to interview your actors/directors/creative team, call for auditions, get the word our to generate ticket sales,) let us know by emailing

See you on stage.

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