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Improv Theatre and Training Center Now Open Thousand Oaks, CA: A new theatrical venture is open in Thousand Oaks! Free Range Comedy, first hatched on Maui, is bringing family friendly comedy improv and improv training to Thousand Oaks. Free Range Comedy has a training center at 95 N. Oakview Drive in Thousand Oaks for classes and special workshops. Free Range offers training in improv, teen improv, and sketch writing, bringing in teachers from the Los Angeles improv community! Improv shows are currently performed at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts. Free Range Comedy SoCal is the brainchild of Victoria McGee and William Hubbard, who launched the successful Free Range Comedy on Maui. Victoria McGee and John Comstock currently serve as teachers for the training center. Victoria McGee is a founder of Free Range Comedy and has been performing improv for over 30 years and teaching improv for 5 years. Victoria began studying improv at the L.A. Connection, continuing her improv training at Unscrewed Theatre in Arizona, where she was a main stage member for ten years. She has taken training from improv teachers such as Michael Gellman, David Razowsky, Mark Beltzman, Kevin Scott, Rick Andrews, Nick Armstrong and Laura Hall. John Comstock is a veteran performer, director, and teacher, who started improvising in 1991 as a member of the L..A. Connection, performing weekly and teaching their children’s improv program. While there, he participated in Comic Relief and live film dubbings. Since 2003, Mr. Comstock has been teaching improv and acting to children and teens through LA Parks and Recreation. He can currently be seen onstage with Revolution Theatre’s Jump Cut improvised movie team, Improv Trick, his own troupe Merge Left, and Free Range Comedy. Free Range Comedy is invested in giving back to the Thousand Oaks community. Show tickets are $7.00, but only $5.00 if you bring a can of food for Manna Food Bank! You get to laugh AND help the community, how great is that? AND all shows are family friendly! Check out Free Range Comedy SoCal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the website, . Next show is May 18, 7:30 PM at Hillcrest Center for the Arts.  

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